Homeless Encampment Cleanup New Jersey 

Homelessness is a serious issue. Many people who are homeless gravitate to cities because of the services that may be available. Some homeless people may choose to live in encampments that they have set up with others. While it is understandable why homeless people might choose to set up homeless encampments, the encampments can present safety and health issues for the homeless people who live in them and others who might pass by. Cleaning homeless encampments is not an easy task no matter the size of the encampment or the city. Steri-Clean has professionals who can handle homeless encampment cleanup in New Jersey and can offer the following types of services:​

  • Specialized trash and biohazard removal

  • Roll-off containers for large cleanups

  • Biohazard transport containers

  • Disposal of drug paraphernalia

  • Human and animal waste removal

  • Contents sorting and inventory

  • Professional disinfection

At Steri-Clean, we understand that local governments do not want to risk their employees for the cleanup of homeless encampments. Our professionals have the equipment, personal protective equipment, and supplies that are needed to complete homeless encampment cleanup in New Jersey in a safe, efficient, and compassionate manner.


Cleanup of biohazards at homeless encampments

Cities and other employers often do not want to risk the potential liability of using their employees for cleaning homeless encampments. These encampments may contain multiple biohazards, including animal feces, human feces, urine, blood, bacteria, viruses, and used needles. The expert technicians at Steri-Clean wear personal protective equipment to keep them safe as they perform their work. We can assist with the removal and cleanup of human and animal waste, safe disposal of needles, recovery and disposal of drug paraphernalia, and professional disinfection of the area. Cleaning up biohazards and disinfecting the area is important to maintain public health and safety.


Trash cleanup and removal at homeless encampments


Removing trash and debris from homeless encampments can be overwhelming for cities and businesses. Even small homeless encampments can generate a significant amount of trash, and cities may not have the manpower necessary to complete the cleanup. Steri-Clean can help cities and businesses by cleaning homeless encampments before they grow too large and become out of control. We can help with homeless encampments of all sizes, ranging from single encampments in alleys and behind buildings to large encampments that stretch over entire areas.


Steri-Clean provides ongoing homeless encampment cleaning services on a weekly or monthly basis at our clients' requests. This helps to keep the camps from becoming unmanageable. Our trash cleanup and removal services help to protect public health by keeping cities in a more sanitary condition.


Our humane approach


Steri-Clean recognizes that homeless people may end up on the streets for many different reasons. Some homeless people suffer from mental health issues, are veterans, lost their jobs, or have other problems that led them to the streets. No matter why someone became homeless, our technicians recognize that the homeless are people who deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.


We do everything that we can to inform homeless people that we will be cleaning up their encampments. We try not to throw away what might be the only things that someone owns. We post signs around homeless encampments to provide the residents with 72 hours notice that we will be cleaning the area. When we find objects that appear to have sentimental or monetary value, we give them to the authorities so their owners can claim them. While Steri-Clean will thoroughly clean homeless encampments and disinfect them, we recognize the humanity of the homeless people who live in them.


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If your city or business is dealing with a homeless encampment, Steri-Clean can help. Our expert technicians wear personal protective equipment and are trained properly to remove and dispose of biohazards and other waste. Contact us today to schedule a cleanup of homeless encampments by calling 1-888-577-2706


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