Animal Waste Cleanup - New Jersey

Animal waste cleanup services help residents and business owners to maintain a clean and healthy property. Correctly performing the cleanup is critical. Animal droppings may be found in areas that are dark and damp. This is where they like to build nests out of sight. Examples include attics and basements, but there are other areas where they might leave droppings as well. There is more to the process of cleaning up after these animals than simply vacuuming up the droppings.


Ineffective animal waste cleanup can backfire, so it’s important to make sure the job gets done right the first time. The cleanup process must be done correctly in order to prevent future infestations while ensuring that the areas are properly sanitized. After these animals have infiltrated your home or business, you might feel a sense of shock. This is a normal reaction, but we encourage you to simply contact us for professional assistance instead of dwelling on the feeling of being overwhelmed by the issue.


Residential and Business Animal Waste Cleanup New Jersey


There is a need for these services whenever animals urinate or drop feces onto the areas inside of the property, but this is also true for the exterior portions of the building as well. Animals might leave feces on the lawn of your home, for example. This can be annoying, but it also poses a health risk. Businesses may also face this problem when irresponsible pet owners allow their dogs to roam off-leash in public places. The dog might quickly run to the first green area available and leave feces on the lawn.


Other animals might also leave a trail of feces on the areas around a business or residential property. For example, bird droppings are common in areas that have trees, which look very inviting at first glance. Property managers often face the difficult situation of how to deal with birds that leave an unsightly trail of feces on the sidewalk where customers are used to walking.


Animal Waste Cleanup New Jersey


Effective animal waste cleanup services will take into consideration the particular habits of each pest. Our professionals understand how to correctly identify the type of pest, which enables us to conduct a thorough and comprehensive cleanup. In addition to the immediate health benefits of using our services, you will also enjoy knowing that future problems are being averted. For example, pests often leave scents behind that signal to other animals that the area is warm and habitable.


This is the exact opposite situation that you want to have in your home or commercial facility. These pheromones must be eliminated so that there are no signals being given to other rodents, insects, wildlife or other pests. Small pests tend to attract larger ones, so a complete inspection is often necessary. This will assist in the process of removing the most common source of food for larger animals, which is smaller insects and pests.


Our Company


Steri-Clean has a history of serving the residents and businesses of New Jersey. For more than 25 years, we have provided effective and reliable animal waste cleanup services in this area. Our professionals are highly trained and skilled at ensuring that the highest safety and health standards are met. Your property can be liable if people get sick as a result of animal waste that was left in a negligent manner.


Our services are essential for businesses that need to ensure compliance with the local and state laws that can affect your company. Our animal waste cleanup professionals are fully capable of handling any problem. The building materials that are affected by urine and feces can become soaked. This might also lead to problems with indoor air quality as well. We remove the contaminated items, but we also ensure that the area is free from odors afterward as well. Contact our company for information or to set up an inspection.