Decomposition Cleanup Services New Jersey

Odors in the home can come from many sources, including decomposition following an unattended death, hoarding, pets, or a crime scene. Overwhelming, pungent odors can be toxic. When the source of the odor is decomposing biological matter, odor removal can be particularly challenging.


When someone dies alone and is not discovered for days or weeks, the odor can permeate everything inside of the home. For family members of the deceased person, dealing with decomposition cleanup New Jersey can be difficult. Affected families might want to hire the professionals at Steri-Clean to schedule decomposition cleanup services in New Jersey. Choosing to get the help of professionals for New Jersey decomposition cleanup services can help families to avoid the emotional difficulties of this type of job as well as the health hazards that can be associated. Instead of trying to tackle this grim task on your own, you should leave the decomposition cleanup New Jersey task to the professionals at Steri-Clean.


If you do not treat the home or other location where the decomposition odor lingers, a tiny amount of bacteria can quickly grow, causing damage to the home and lingering odors. This can also cause safety hazards to people who might live in the home in the future. Properly treating the home can help to sanitize it and to remove all odors so it will be safe and sanitary for future occupants.


How long does it take a body to start smelling after death?

It does not take very much time after someone has died for the body to begin smelling of decomposition. Depending on the weather, a body may begin to smell within a few hours. The odor can quickly invade the home's surfaces and impact air quality. Within a few days, carpeting, clothes, books, and furniture can be ruined by the smell.


New Jersey decomposition cleanup services and disinfection


The expert technicians at Steri-Clean are trained and experienced in biohazard remediation, disinfection, and decomposition cleaning. Our technicians follow all disinfection and safety procedures to thoroughly clean homes and return them to safe conditions. They always wear personal protective equipment to protect them from biohazards as they remediate the environment.


If we need to do so, we will remove ruined personal property and impacted structural elements such as flooring. We dispose of biohazardous waste according to local, state, and federal rules and regulations.


After we complete the work, we will issue a certificate of treatment that outlines the work that we performed. This document can be attached as a disinfection guarantee to any bill of sale for the property. After we complete the decomposition cleanup services in New Jersey, we test the area with adenosine triphosphate fluorescence to ensure that we have achieved a high level of disinfection.


Steri-Clean's unattended death and decomposition odor removal services are available to families, commercial customers, and property managers. We respond quickly so that our customers do not have to wait.


When should I contact a biohazard removal company?


When a body decomposes, distinct smells are produced by compounds and gases that are released. Some compounds that are involved in the process of decomposition have recognizable odors, including the following:​

  • Rotting flesh

  • Feces

  • Rotten eggs

  • Mothballs

  • Garlic

  • Rotting cabbage

All of these types of odors may be released when a body is decomposing and can permeate everything in a home or apartment. Property owners who rent to tenants may experience an unattended tenant death at some point. Understanding the odors that a dead body emits can be important to maintaining the safety and health of the other tenants.


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If you live in an apartment building and smell the odor of decomposition, you should contact your landlord immediately. If you are a landlord or family of someone who has died alone, Steri-Clean can help with the cleanup process. Contact us today for help by calling