Fingerprint Cleanup Services New Jersey

When investigators are finished with a crime scene, it is up to the property owner to clean up any mess that was left behind. Unfortunately, investigators can often leave holes, break items, and fail to clean up chemicals. One of the most common issues that property owners have to deal with after an investigation is fingerprint dust. This residue can be very difficult to remove, and it can contain harmful chemicals that could be eaten by pets or small children. For the fingerprint cleanup New Jersey needs, working with an experienced cleanup professional is crucial.


How We Clean Fingerprint Powder


The specific techniques that Steri-Clean uses to remove fingerprint powder vary depending on how the powder was applied. Some investigators are cautious to minimize harming your property while other investigators seem indifferent to fingerprint dusting in sensitive areas. When only small areas have been dusted down, the cleaning job usually takes significantly less time. However, we have encountered some properties that have been almost completely covered in fingerprint dust. In these cases, the investigator decided that a thorough examination was necessary, so there is a high chance that personal property and sensitive areas were likely dusted down completely.


In cases where high amounts of dust have been left behind, our fingerprint powder removal team will usually start by figuring out what type of dust was used. Some dust can be easily removed with chemical agents while other dust can leave permanent stains. Once we know what we are dealing with, our team can start to clean up the mess. We will usually start by using a brush to sweep any excess residue off of existing surfaces. From there, we can provide the fingerprint cleanup New Jersey needs by applying chemical agents that can remove most of the remaining residue.


Our Cleaning Process


After we have assessed what approach will be most effective in your situation, the next step is to start getting the job done. We will usually start by turning off heating and air conditioning systems to prevent powder from spreading due to small currents in the air. Our team will use gloves throughout the cleaning process to protect your personal property and to prevent further contamination when skin comes in contact with highly reactive fingerprint dust.


Hard plastic items are the easiest to clean because they are not porous. Nevertheless, professional help is still needed to prevent fingerprint dust from spreading to other areas. More porous solid items require more dwell time, and we will often have to use multiple agents before removal is completed. However, we can usually remove fingerprint dust from these items completely so that you do not have to pay to replace these items.


The most difficult products to deal with are fabrics, paints, and carpets. Highly porous items usually cannot attract fingerprints, but investigators sometimes dust them down in an effort to be thorough or due to carelessness. Our professional cleaning products give you the best chances possible that fingerprint dust will be completely removed. However, there are some rare cases where complete fingerprint powder removal is impossible because highly reactive agents can stain surfaces. In these cases, our fingerprint powder cleanup services can usually still repair affected items using professional processes that are designed to make items look as good as new.


Use Steri-Clean to Get Thorough Results


Our fingerprint powder cleanup services can get your life back to normal in no time by quickly cleaning up the crime scene on your property. We are fully licensed to clean up crime scenes in New Jersey, and we have an extensive track record of success. Since we also offer general crime scene cleanup services, we can clean up messes that may have been created in the process of the crime taking place. Our cleaning team is also trained in forensics, so they will help you to make sure that any relevant evidence is saved before the cleanup begins. Get in touch with Steri-Clean today to take advantage of our professional fingerprint powder removal services.