When Life Takes a Turn For
The Worse.We Understand. 
You Can Trust Us To Step
in and Help.

One of our main reasons for being in business is to help people
who are facing a crisis or a challenge that we feel you shouldn't 
have to deal with. We have vast experience dealing with life's tragedies. Every step of the way you are our main priority and we work hard to deliver peace of mind. Since 1995 Steri-Clean has been a leader in the bio hazard clean up industry. From unexpected
death to hoarding cleanup, we aim to resolve your situation quickly, efficiently and privately.

We always arrive in discreet vehicles in order to protect your privacy. Our tools are state of the art and many of our methods are proprietary. Please click the links below for specific information or call today, 1-888-577-7206.

Our Services

We specialize in restoring safety to dangerous scenes which involve blood, infectious diseases, blood borne pathogens, illness outbreaks, and more. Our biohazard cleanup services are utilized across the country by homeowners, renters, hotels, businesses, and government agencies.


To learn more about our services please click the boxes below.

24 Hour Help Line


The Steri-Clean New Jersey franchise

represents the nation’s leading remediation

services for Biohazard Clean Up, Infectious

Diseases, and Decontamination.


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